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A Data Pro Ltd.

  • Адреса: 14 Dr. Georgi Vylkovich St, 4000 Plovdiv
  • Веб страна: www.aiidatapro.com


After 20 years in the challenging world of data, content and business intelligence, A Data Pro is now a leading company with 306 language wizards and counting.


Anna Pavlenko, Risk & Compliance

When I meet new people, instead of describing what due diligence is, I tell them I am engaged in corporate investigations… Silence follows and everyone wonders what this is. And then, they all agree it is something unique. How can I not be happy doing what I do! Such people always remember and ask me about my job when we meet again.

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Radoslav Tzvetanov, Database Management

I feel really lucky to be able to work in such a dynamic and sociable environment. People are what drives me to keep doing my best every day. We take huge amounts of data and mold it in accordance to our clients’ needs. And by doing so we transform your boring excel spreadsheet into something better.

Want to do the same? Join our team!


A Data Pro began close collaboration with several Bulgarian universities 8 years ago. This resulted in two career centers in Veliko Turnovo, and an array of elective courses for the Sofia and Plovdiv universities. From this year, we are the new Global Education Partner of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) for the next 2 years.


If you have a knack for information, A Data Pro is the place for you to unfold your talent and passion. Take the chance to know how to explore and push the boundaries of information beyond the standard.


The basic positions at A Data Pro will help you get closer to the right place for your superpowers. And we certainly have more to offer. Just apply!

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