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Linux System Administrator With Automation Knowledge


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  • Melon Technologies Ltd.

Linux System Administrator With Automation Knowledge

So, you don’t like fixing broken Apache’s and node’s? Nor you enjoy performing the same uniform and, let’s just admit it, boring tasks day after day? Well, join the club then. We’re not so keen on spending our whole day, every day, on reading error logs either.

We – the Melon’s SysOps / DevOps team – consist of seasoned system administrators working with a variety of platforms and businesses – from software development companies, to financial service providers. The very goal of our team is to be focused on planning, deploying and supporting automated systems & infrastructures. This often (okay, this always) requires using tools like Ansible, Jenkins, Python, Bash/Powershell, Docker and Terraform, as well Nagios/Zabbix and AWS CloudWatch / Azure Monitor.

This job opening was created with a single purpose in mind – to find you, in case you’re familiar and comfortable working with the different *NIX flavors (here’s a pun for you: Mint? Mint is cool!), as well as having the self-esteem of being at least a 2-out-of-5 stars expert on the following matters: 

  • Getting the user story (a.k.a. "the big picture") right and converting it to an actual action plan;
  • Being motivated to actually follow the action plan from above;
  • Feeling comfortable with compiling applications from code & process troubleshooting (for all these moments when make && make install starts being crazy again);
  • Process automation with Jenkins.

Definitely not mandatoy, but a big plus would be if you:

  • Have done some conainerization with Docker;
  • Know what EC2, ELB & VPC stand for;
  • Have some coding experience (JavaScript counts, still the Bash and/or Python are preferred).

Still in doubt? Here's some more to spice it up. We have:

  • All the generic stuff - free beverages & fruits; game room with PS4; guitars + amps & pro electronic drum-set; team-buildings; co-funded sports cards, transportation & parking; health insurance, etc.;
  • A team minibar with all sorts of drinks in our room (You like beer? We like beer.);
  • Dedicated budget for training & certifications (you want to upgrade your certificates or just your skills? Go ahead, we'll pay).

Still, all of these are kind of mandatory anyways. We really needed to know what makes us cooler, so we anonymously asked 120+ people in Melon “What you love most here?”. The definite answer was:

„The people”.

Alongside with: 

  • The variety of projects;
  • Family culture;
  • Sincere and open communication b/w colleagues;
  • Work-from-home policy;
  • Flexible work time;
  • My Team Lead (no kidding!).

Convinced you already? Send us your CV, then. We will review it under full confidentiality. If you’re shortlisted, we’ll give you a call and invite you to a friendly interview over a nice cup of coffee.


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