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H4 is a fast growing financial technology company headquartered in London with offices in Skopje and New York. We are developing a web-based document collaboration platform intended for the legal and financial industries. We have grown significantly in the last year and we are looking to bring in a number of document specialists to work on our platform. 

How we work

As a technology company, engineers are the main driving force behind many of our processes. However, with our market being large financial institutions, we also have a strong team of bankers and lawyers, operating out of London and New York. Openness, directness and teamwork are key to making it work. We value ideas based on merit and we expect everyone to make contributions. 

We are also a young company and, as we grow, our organization and processes are being constantly adjusted. Things keep moving and we encourage our people to participate in creating a better organization and work environment for everyone.

We are looking for detail-oriented people with strong written English and word processing skills to join our Data team at H4. 



The role of a Document Specialist is highly valuable to our company. The scope of work is based on editing and working with large and complex legal documents in multiple sources and formats, requiring a high degree of attention to detail and an interest in working with documentation. It also includes preparing daily updates and data entry in Word, Excel or spreadsheets. Day-to-day activities also involve providing customer support for our international clients, as well as being responsible for managing our documentation database.


Creation and maintenance of internal library. Work on maintenance of the library, under specific guidelines.
Assistance in document creation and formatting, by using standard digital text editing tools, like Microsoft Office.
Customer support. Offering new and existing customers conversion of file formats to the specific H4 format of documents.
Work with the rest of the team in solving any issues that might arise during the file format conversions, improving the editing process, as well as developing new and faster ways for completing our processes. 

Candidate Requirements

  • High level of written English 
  • High level of attention to detail and perfectionist approach to work 
  • Interest in and aptitude for working with documentation   
  • Client service oriented mindset: understands the importance of delivering incredible service to our clients, and knows how to do that
  • Dedication and persistence
  • Focus and concentration 
  • Team player
  • Open and communicative

Working Hours

The document specialist is expected to work in three shifts - day shift from 06:00 to 14:00h, afternoon shift from 14:00 to 22:00h and night shift from 22:00 to 06:00h. The maximum is 40 hours per week. Holidays are also working days, depending on the schedule. 

Email: dhr@hfour.com  Phone: +389 (0) 78447357   Website: www.hfour.com

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