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Secondary School English Language Teacher


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  • Меѓународни училишта Нова
NOVA International School
Seeks a Secondary School English Language Teacher
(EAL Teacher)


At NOVA, we lead a fascinating discussion about how to prepare our students for a world that challenges the fundamental notions of education, wellbeing and success. We are looking for forward -thinkers with expertise in their profession, and equally those who possess the human skills to engage and inspire our students. In addition to your professional experiences and credentials, we would like to get to know your personal story, your motivations, and how you understand the role of learning communities. NOVA is strengthened by ideas and values, hence we seek members who internalize important values, who are team players ready to advocate for all students, maintain high expectations for growth, and who help create a stronger and more interconnected community.

The EAL program offers small group instruction by a trained EAL Teacher and takes place during the language block, three to five times per week, for beginning level speakers. The EAL support teacher also supports students within other core classes, such as Interdisciplinary Science, Individuals and Societies, Language and Literature (depending on the level) and possibly Math, until they reach a level of fluency that enables them to work independently.

The teacher’s role is defined in the following areas:

1 - Supporting EAL students across the curriculum
1.1. Provides vocabulary for the Unit/lesson
1.2. Provides photos, flash cards, images, real objects and other resources (books, textbooks, internet articles)
1.3. Modifies learning materials to suit EAL learners

2 - Supporting non-EAL and EAL students during classes
2.1. Understands and is involved in the delivery of the lessons’ goals to different learners
2.2. Takes an active part in the class (engaging students, reminding them of the expectations, monitoring and taking
action when needed)
2.3. Cooperates with the subject teacher to identify students who need extra support in certain areas
2.4. Works one-on-one with students who need accommodations within the classroom

3 - Planning within grade level and subject groups, together with the subject teachers. Following the lesson plans and providing accommodations/modifications
3.1. Actively participates in grade level meetings
3.2. Is prepared for the day/ is aware of the daily learning goals
3.3. Takes an active part in planning the differentiation parts of the lessons

4 - Maintaining positive relationships/ rapport with students
4.1. Uses encouraging language to motivate the students
4.2. Cares about their education, social and emotional wellbeing
4.3. Reinforces classroom behavior management plan

5 - Preparing and delivering EAL pull out classes
5.1. Plans classes at least one week in advance following the format: Lesson objectives, language objectives, duration of class, materials, activities, formative and summative assessment;
5.2. Is punctual and prepared for class and establishes a positive and well organized learning environment.
5.3. Follows the lesson plan when teaching a lesson (e.g., explains objectives to students, reviews what has been learned prior to the lesson, engages students, etc.); Follows the EAL program and provides additional teaching/learning resources;
5.4. Uses a wide range of teaching strategies;
5.5. Differentiates among students upon need;
5.6. Demonstrates solid command of the English language and communication skills;
5.7. Feedback / Assessment
5.8. Uses classes to pre-teach academic vocabulary needed for LL, I&S, Science and/or Math in context;
5.9. Builds on students’ capabilities and uses their prior knowledge and command of a mother tongue/additional language as an asset;
5.10. Completes the MYP Language Acquisition Training within the first six months of employment


Our Mission Statements as it relates to the personal attributes that are found in the IB Learner Profile:
Seek self and others (Inquirers, Reflective, Balanced)
In Heart and Mind (Caring, Principled, Knowledgeable, Thinkers) 
Unafraid of the possibilities (Open minded, Risk Takers, Communicators)


Candidates we would consider a good match include:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • At least two years of related work experience

Personal Characteristics:

  • Collaborative and flexible
  • Embodies the IB Learner Profile Attributes
  • Possesses enthusiasm and advocacy for student wellbeing
  • Displays excellent social skills which enable community-wide collaboration


Your application should include a current resume, contact from 2 past supervisors who are willing to be your confidential referees and a cover letter of no more than one page, outlining your motivation for joining NOVA. All the documents should be sent to recruitment@nova.edu.mk as a single PDF document no later than Friday, September 24th 2021. The school reserves the right to appoint an applicant at any stage if a highly qualified person applies before the due date.
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