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We are seeking a talented and motivated Launch Manager who will lead the launch of innovative products and solutions aimed at improving the efficiency and lowering the cost. 


  • Manage all elements of the product launch process including value proposition articulation, development and execution of go-to-market plans and internal organizational readiness.
  • Build, maintain, and communicate product launch plans and track the deliverables, milestones, risks and dependencies from the cross functional launch team. 
  • Liaise with methods/process engineers and technicians as they relate to new product development, cost improvements, and product maintenance of line projects and engineering change notice processes.
  • Understand the scope and operational requirements and impacts of all cross functional teams for each launch.
  • Provides technical support to the project management function, feasibility function, manufacturing. management and others as required on product designs and manufacturing capability of ancillary, bespoke and/or outsourced product fabrication.
  • A key tactical aspect of this position is the coordinated implementation of major design changes or product enhancements (with the rest of the organisation's needs).
  • Provides technical-design support for development, design and systems integration with Process Engineering. Review the work involved and supports the project through all phases of Introduction.
We are looking for a candidates with previous experience because of the importance of this position (2+ yrs relevant experience). An effective Launch Manager for us is someone who is also technically well-informed. When needed, they are familiar with and can perform all levels of tasks such as troubleshooting and resolving technical problems.

If you are interested please send your CV using the Fast Apply field.
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