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Instructional Design Specialist


Рок за пријавување:

  • LEORON Institute
  • Адреса: Ул. 20 бр. 82 Чучер Сандево (Качанички пат, Визбегово), 1000 Скопје
  • Веб страна: http://www.leoron.com

Instructional Design Specialist

Job Description

Department: Instructional Design
Report to: Director of ID
Office: Skopje
Working Hours: Sunday - Thursday / 07:30 - 15:45

Required Qualification

  • Formal sales position in Leoron
  • International HR Certificate (CHRM, CIPD ECHRBS, SPHRi…) is preferred
  • MBA or other Master’s Degree is preferred
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational courses; reviewing scholarly publications, establishing professional networks.

Job Purpose
Manage the planning and superb organization for all in-house courses. Coordinate, design, actualize, and fine-tune high-quality learning programs based on instructional design best practices. Ensure the learners acquire the required knowledge, skills and competencies, in an effective and appealing manner. Anticipate and meet all stakeholder requirements. Efficiently coordinate various operational activities, as well as maintain collaborative, communication, necessary for successful delivery of all in-house courses and consultancy projects.

Major Roles And Responsibilities

  • Check quality and customer satisfaction of the trainer's delivery, for all courses
  • Liason with key stakeholders regarding the development of the in-house off-the self portfolio
  • Ensure high-quality of the outline and identify areas for modification of the program, per client's industry and requirement in cooperation with Seniors sales staff and line manager
  • Contact, communicate and ensure that all learning materials are timely submitted from the trainers (10 days before the course).
  • Ensure that all Trainers utilize Leoron template, and the required ppt format, for all learning materials.
  • Review materials, together with ID colleagues.
  • Ensure the Delegates List has all the required elements (number of participants, names, job positions, departments and companies, when applicable), so trainers can better prepare for the training.
  • Ensure that the orientation mail sent to trainers always includes Delegates List, before the start of each training.
  • Design course outlines and fine-tune learning programs in cooperation with expert trainer.
  • Effectively prepare and responf to: in-house training inquiries.
  • Active talent (LinkedIn and Google) research of suitable trainers for the requested topic/area.
  • Evaluate qualifications of potential trainers including: corporate and training experience, experience in the requested topic/area, education, etc.
  • Establish communication with trainers through LinkedIn requests and/or introductory emails; introduce them to Leoron and connect them to Senior colleagues. TL / Sr ID Specialist conducts interviews, until the Planner is trained to take over the entire recruitment process.
  • Conduct screening and interviews.
  • Assess trainers' course delivery and used methodology.
  • Create and manage trainers' calendars for in-house courses.
  • Update calendars on regular basis in coordination with the trainers (1-2 per month).
  • Serve as main contact point for sales and id colleagues, regarding the trainers' availability.
  • Collaborate with PMs and operations.
  • As contact for the assigned traines, quickly and efficiently resolves any issues (such as: hotel, flight, delays, taxi, pick-up, training room, reported behavior of delegates, special requests, etc.) In coordination with PMs and ops.
  • Inform and remind trainers, to prepare and send pre- and post- course competency assessments, before each course.
  • Inform and remind trainers that each course includes day 1 evaluation sheets, which need to be filed out by the attendees at the end of day 1; and course evaluations sheet, which needs be filled out by the attendees at the end of training.
  • Ensure that pre- and post-  course competency assessments are sent to design for each course alongside the learning materials.
  • Maintain cordial and collaborative communication with trainers.
  • This position might require to GCC countries or any other location where clients are located.

Technical Competencies

  • Planning and Organizing - Proficient
    • Deals with planning, scheduling, forecasting of high-quality training programs as well as managing and recording of course related documents by full utilization of Popleads.
  • Business Writing and content improvement - Proficient
    • Diligently developing proposals, tender documentation, ensuring high quality outlines and outcomes matching client requirements and industry best practices, identifying areas to tailor content to match clients needs in cooperation with internal stakeholders.
  • Research and Development - Proficient
    • Identifying and analyzing market needs by collecting data from internal stakeholders, trending courses on the market, researching the competition in order to create programs that will fit the market need and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Recruitment of Trainers - Proficient
    • Active talent research of loyal, relevant and reliable trainers based on internal requests, trends, client requests. Review and Evaluate their professional and training qualifications, background, and relevant experience in the subject. Screening, interviewing and selection of the potential candidates.
  • Course Oversight, Assessment and Evaluation - Proficient
    • Review course performance on regular cycle to assess the course curriculum, identify creative solution for improvement, recommend needs for revision of content, trainer or the overall course experience based on course observation and data analysis of the collected surveys and evaluations. Evaluate educational technology to support high quality of delivery.
  • Product and contextual knowledge - Proficient
    • Possess specific industry related knowledge to make sure we provide exceptional learning experience to our customers by providing them with relevant content program, trainer and delivery style.
  • External Stakeholder Management - Proficient
    • Trainer management, Partnerships and Associations, awareness and control of all cost related matter to trainer and bodies of knowledge, partner with clients to identify their needs, partner with academies to develop and introduce new training solutions, partner with trainers to introduce and develop new products.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Customer Centricity - Advanced
    • Apply focus on People to develop customer excellence and happiness so to build long-lasting relationship and partnerships.
  • Strategic Thinking - Proficient
    • Understand the L&D business, manage the business purpose to understand where we are, where we want to be and how to get there. Utilize strategic thinking tools for business purposes, apply analytical and creative thinking.
  • L&D Industry Craftsmanship - Advanced
    • Possess desire and passion for success in training and development industry, live and apply the corporate values, align the personal with organizational vision and culture.
  • Managing People - Proficient
    • Growth and Development, focus on goals and execution, apply self-Motivation, engage in continuous learning as well as develop people and teams, apply and manage Diversity and Equal Opportunity as well as employee engagement.
  • Managing Training Projects - Proficient
    • Possess knowledge in the sales process end to end, Instructional design and trainer recruitment, involvement of marketing, support of finance and operations teams, event management, understand the design and IT processes.
  • Results orientation - Proficient
    • Demonstrate initiatives, commercial acumen, apply self-motivation and drive for results.
  • Communication and Presentation - Proficient
    • Knowledge of effective and appropriate communication and presentation patterns and the ability to use and adapt that knowledge in different workplace contexts
  • Collaboration - Proficient
    • Work together as a Team, by applying adaptability and flexibility, towards a common goal that benefits the team and the organization, apply teambuilding and conflict management techniques , adaptability and flexibility.

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Director of ID

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