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Construction site manager (m/f)


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Construction site manager (m/f)

Application deadline: 09.06.2023.
Location: Skopje

1 Job Requirements

  • University degree/ VII–1 Faculty of Civil Engineering
  •  3 years of experience in construction projects

2 Required knowledge and skills

  • head designer or head contracting engineer licence
  • advanced computer literacy
  • advanced skills in the representation of spatial relations and advanced spatial orientation
  • familiarity with budgeting and drafting programmes
  • great organisational skills, work precision, responsibility, willingness to take the initiative, teamwork skills, working with people and work in a dynamic construction site environment
  • ability to make decisions quickly and independently
  • focus on achieving results
  • thoroughness and a sense of detail
  • ability to quickly acquire knowledge and skills
  • desire for continuous improvement
  • Mandatory knowledge of at least English and, preferably, German as well
  • advanced writing and communication skills
  • driver's licence (B category)

3 Main workplace responsibilities 

Planning and supervision of construction works; Participation in all the stages of construction works; Offering aid in the selection of construction technology and problem-solving during all construction stages; Testing and proving the safety and stability of the constructed structures; Creating regular weekly reports on the construction progress.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • reviewing the available project documentation, resolving unclear or ambiguous parts of project documentation or, if necessary, proposing new solutions, particularly regarding the required amount of building materials;
  • application of a dynamic activity plan related to the construction works;
  • organising construction site operations, as per projects and construction site plans; spatial organisation of the construction site as per the construction site organisation scheme;
  • taking part in negotiations related to subcontracting based on monitoring and evaluation of work quality and following the agreed deadlines for subcontractors (conducting their ranking);
  • organising the workforce (employees and subcontractors) as per the agreed work schedule;
  • creating internal requests for the procurement of the required amounts of building materials and other resources necessary for the construction;
  • application of the criteria for the approval of the carried out works as per project documentation;
  •  ensuring that acceptance tests of the required materials are carried out, reviewing reports on the quality of materials or their certificates, for the entire period of construction activities;
  • keeping track of the received materials using the Request for the Approval of the Use of Materials;
  • creating weekly reports on the construction progress, containing information on whether the construction activities and the built elements fulfil the predefined requirements;
  • identifying the used materials during the construction works and defining adequate identification methods (e.g. serial number, bar code, analysis report, accompanying documentation, etc.);
  • pausing the construction works in case of the violation or deviation from the controlled working conditions until the reestablishment of adequate working conditions;
  • opening the construction site – providing the necessary documentation (e.g. main project, construction permit, etc.), keeping track of all stakeholders related to the construction site opening (contact list), setting up the measurement book, building log book and inspection book together with the supervisory body;
  • organising and monitoring the preparatory works necessary for setting up the construction site;
  • reporting the initiation of the works to the competent authority;
  • organising the construction site (fencing and illumination of the construction site; installation of auxiliary, temporary and other facilities required for the entire construction period; organizing a landfill for various materials; provision of access and construction roads; provision of the necessary installations; setting up construction site boards and flagpoles; setting up the board with the obligatory preventive measures for safe and healthy work and the required prohibition and warning signs; construction site plan);
  • performing the necessary identification, verification and protection of the property of the beneficiary (investor) or external (third-party) property that is made available for the construction works;
  • providing the required resources for monitoring the construction works by applying the relevant methods (monitoring, supervision, sampling and measurement) and keeping the necessary records;
  • reviewing and managing all the changes in the construction process with the aim of ensuring continuous compliance with the project documentation and entering data on these activities in the Review of the Changes in the Construction Process;
  • determining the level of compliance of the constructed facilities or elements with project documentation requirements and the construction permit;
  • conducting continuous monitoring and management of waste resulting from the construction works, management of dangerous goods and energy and water consumption;
  • continuous monitoring of the application of the determined preventive measures for safe and healthy work and pausing the works and removing the individuals who do not comply with the determined measures from the construction site;
  • following the rules of communication and correspondence related to the construction works as per the required procedures;
  • submitting the data to the technical preliminaries section, which is required to create invoices and/or payment certificates, calculations of the as-built state, calculations of subsequent works and surplus works;
  • establishing contact with investors' supervisory bodies, safety and health at work experts and other construction-site representatives of the investors;
  • making sure the construction site workers properly use and store the tools and work equipment;
  • keeping track of the daily presence of all workers on the construction site;
  • reviewing the incoming receipts and payment certificates of the subcontractors and other logistics services;
  • making sure the construction activities are in compliance with the IMS procedures containing duties and responsibilities for quality assurance, environmental protection, safety and health at work and social responsibility;
  • contributing to the implementation of the social policies and strategies as per the law and ethical standards.
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