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The international fashion world is a never ending business. Seasons are short and collections follow up in high speed. Due to the decentralized production and worldwide distribution is today’s fashion strongly globalized. The professionals in this dynamic field are confronted with tremendous logistic and organisational challenges.

Recon facilitates and eases your national and international fashion activities with a broad package of specialized fashion services. We disclose your organisational activities with solid supply chain solutions. Our company is strategically located on the edge of the International Airport Schiphol and hereby provides immediate access to both the airport and the European road network. Recon is a family company with a long history, established by professionals with a passion for fashion. Choose for Recon, then you are certain of reliability, flexibility, involvement and a guarantee of more than thirty years’ experience.


Recon is a family business with a traditional history of more than half a century. The company is born in the twentieth century in Armenia. Ferman Gelici is the proud founder of the business, he owned a weaving mill and traded in fabrics. The family moved to the Netherlands in the sixties and settled in an eastern village called Almelo. Son Herald Gelici shared the passion for trading fashion with his father. He specialized in the production& design of fashion to wear for retailers in the eighty’s and nineties. Besides this he provided complementary services to his customers.

Recon was established in 1998. The sons of Herald Gelici joined the business over the years. Recon moved in 2011 to Oude Meer, directly located next to International Airport Schiphol also known as the fashion Hub of Amsterdam. The company distinguishes itself with more than 30 years’ experience in fashion logistics with a personal approach of a family business. Moreover is Recon known for its transparent and reliable service.


Today's fashion world is getting faster more and more day by day, we know how important it is for suppliers to have a reliable partner who can handle the services from A to Z worldwide. By letting take us care of your supply chain you can focus on expanding your business. With our exclusive partnerships we cooperate to provide solid fashion services and logistics solutions worldwide.

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