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Scandiweb is a Latvian company, which was kicked-off back in 2003 by two entrepreneurs sitting in a small room. They did everything by themselves – called customers, learned how to make designs, coded basic web pages, did support, trained, and implemented new ideas and projects.

I will tell you one thing that may make you remember Scandiweb, every time you do ... anything.

How is it possible?
Think about cars for example…  Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, BMW, Jaguar or Land Rover? We built their sites to sell their cars.
Wearing socks, maybe HappySocks? Well, we built their stores too!
Applying L'Oreal or Lancome makeup? That's our customer!
Running in PUMA shoes? Their eCommerce store was made by Scandiweb!
Buying tickets at airBaltic.com or visiting THE MET museum in New York? Made in Scandiweb. Enjoying … hmm… yeah, we made an official Durex site too!


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