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Founded in 2001, Besa Technologies is a Canadian independent stocking distributor that offers flexibility to the supply chain. As an independent distributor, Besa Technologies constantly seeks to strengthen its position in a challenging and intensely competitive industry. 

We make foundational investments in our people, culture, technology infrastructure, process excellence and the capacity to offer utmost care to all our customers and partners. Our young medium-sized company has achieved aggressive sales growth and expansion to multiple locations in Canada, USA and Europe.

BESA Technologies’ goal is to bring global pricing home. Our team carries out business in seventeen languages; therefore, we are able to procure components from big distribution companies in any part of the world. 

​​Because we hire great people

Our staff is made-up of motivated, entrepreneurial, competent, fun-loving people who are well rewarded for their efforts and appreciated for what they provide to the team. Our corporate culture is one of innovation and understanding. We give all BESA employees the opportunity to learn, grow and believe. Besatechnologies encourages everyone to reach their ultimate career aspirations.

We implement a voluntary equal access employment program and encourage applications from women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, Aboriginal peoples and Persons with disabilities.

​If you would like to be part of our team please submit your resume with a cover letter to:



 BESA is a great place to expand your potential, enrich life experience, improve skills and probably the best place to grow big as your dreams. It would provide you only with opportunities and benefits, as long as you are eager to learn and progress. If you are curious enough to challenge yourself and work among friends and professionals, BESA would love to have you in the team.

Elissaveta Bitolska, Sales Manager - Vienna Office


 I have been working at Besa for more than a decade. It is a great pleasure to work with colleagues with different backgrounds and from many countries. I really learned a lot in the company and I am happy to be part of a great team to support the enduring growth of the company. If you like to challenge yourself in an ever-growing industry, Besa is a great place to start with.

Jian Guo, Purchasing Manager - Hong Kong Warehouse


 I have been working for BESA Technologies for more than 3 years and I have gained professional and international business skills due to the continues support from my manager. The most important attributes when working with Electronic Component Distribution is strong communication skills and interpersonal skills. I try my best to communicate with our suppliers regarding products on order or in transit also providing our customers with correct information on product status and the availability of alternative options is imperative to providing best-in-class customer service. Always try my best to provide timely and expert assistance to our customers.

Youngae An, Sales Department - Montreal Office


 I have worked for and with Besa Technologies since 2002 and can attest that Besa is a customer focused company supported by amazing people in accounting, trade compliance and shipping/receiving. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and vibrant, and you see this spirit in the camaraderie and support team members give to one another. But no matter how focused individuals’ members are to support our customers, Besa is also focused on the family of team members which is an essential ingredient that keeps us whole. While I can use all the superlatives to describe the “can do” attitude people bring to their work, the fact that we stay and succeed is a testament to our culture.

Guy Major, Human Resources Manager – Montreal Office


 We don’t lay people off just because profit margins are low and we still continue to hire during times of crisis. I have personally never seen a company of this size behave the way it does. It’s quite unique. I’ve worked in 100 person companies and I’ve worked for Staples Canada/Bureau en Gros. Not many CEOs can say the same because, bottom-line, they’re all about the money. As a business, we are too- don’t get me wrong. But when I asked my father as a child about “money being the root of all evil”, he responded by saying the following: “Money will always be put towards more good and less evil in my hands than in the hands of the competition- so that’s why I have no qualms about taking their money”. That quote will never leave me. Because it was true and remains true to this day.

Irfan Abazi, Sales Department – Skopje Office


 What amazes me every time is the positive atmosphere in the office and great support from the more experienced colleagues. One of them, once asked me: do you like gardening? I said yes. He replied: that’s good, you will fit here. In the beginning I did not understand why, but now I know that there is a thin line between hard and soft skills. To take responsibility, to know needs, to care and to solve problems is just as essential as to know market and components. But what is the prize? To observe how the business of my clients are growing, how is bringing them fruits - this brings me an incredibly satisfaction. Just like in gardening.

Michał Woluntarski, Sales Department - Spanish Office

 After two months of working at Besa Technologies Spain, I have to say that we have built a great team here. We didn’t know each other and now we are good friends and colleagues. We support each other on every single problem that we have and we have built a strong bond because of our manager who is a great leader and an even better person. Regarding the work that we are developing here at Besa, we think that is was really challenging at the very first beginning but once you know how everything has to be done, is really exciting and appealing.

Silvia Botella, Sales department - Spanish Office


 I have a degree in International Relations and I feel I did not deviate much when I started working in BESA 6 years ago. BESA covers the whole world  in terms of people and supplies. The job fosters creativity and other personal skills because you are in constant contact with people and the way you communicate is an inseparable part of the success. I have also appreciated the company management which feels for me like a family, it's there when you need a support but it does not command you anything - it's only up to you how you reach the goal. Besa is a great company where passion and ambition are remunerated. 

Iva Kudlackova, Sales department - Prague Offic



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