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Account Based Sales Specialist (ABM)


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Salary: $500-$600 NET



 fully remote


For every person joining us for any entry level position, there is a path and an opportunity to reach an executive role and become a company partner
Antons Sapriko, Company Founder


How to become an Account Based Sales Specialist scandiweb eCommerce expert team?

We are a very inclusive company with colleagues from over 30 countries across all continents. Our ratio of females is among the highest in the industry. We welcome people from all walks of life who can complete a test by showing their skill and knowledge.

While solid previous experience in eCommerce and B2B sales is expected in this role, we value your ability to deliver results starting from the test task, and your enthusiasm and openness to embrace new knowledge and processes. Continuous learning and acting on feedback are among our core organizational values.

What are the responsibilities of an Account Based Sales Specialist?

At our Demand Generation team, we believe that with determination, anything is possible. You will be assigned a small number of curated eCommerce businesses - the top ones on the international market. It will become your "dream client" portfolio and there will be only one goal - build a professional relationship with them in whatever way possible.

You will learn and apply the latest ABM approaches and best practices. Within your ABM arsenal will be such tools as gift-based outreach, content-engagement identification, private dinners organization, personalized whitepapers, emails and SMS, calls, and more.

This role requires you to be there for the long term. It is not about short term sales but rather building a long-lasting relationship and bringing unique value to your leads. You will need to understand every account's business essence, paint points, and decision-maker motivation scheme to have a chance to build a successful relationship.

What do we expect from an Account Based Sales Specialist?

Foremost, it is a client-facing position focused on long-term relationship building that is heavily leaning on soft skills, among them:

  • being client-centric;
  • understanding client business essence;
  • walking in other person's shoes, identifying the needs of specific positions in a complex organization;
  • re-expressing complex ideas in simple terms;
  • having tough conversions in a sympathetic way;
  • and many others.

Also, this role requires solid experience with B2B sales and an understanding of how eCommerce businesses operate. Good written and spoken English skills will be necessary for effective communication as well.

Moreover, knowledge and skill in Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 will be considered a bonus. Familiarity with tools like HubSpot is highly appreciated.

It is not about short-term sales but staying on top of the target leads for the long term with meaningful, very personalized follow-ups.

To be successful in this role, a positive-outcome mindset will come in handy, as well as the ability to see through any obstacle. Be ready to hear a lot of “no” in your routine, but it will be up to you to do more research and transform any “no” into a successful “yes” by understanding human psychology and the target client's business essence.

We truly believe that we can find a way to collaborate with any business. It will be about your offer positioning and the determination and creativity of the smart salesperson to deliver the message to the right decision-maker (and a pinch of luck).

Further career growth for Account Based Sales Specialist?

You will get support in career counseling from our HR department as each career path is unique taking into account your personal strengths and ambitions.

As you will start from a mid-senior level, your further growth will be based on your performance, portfolio expansion, and the success of the built client relationships.

Further professional growth and development can lead you to become a senior, team lead for one and/or multiple teams, heading a particular practice, and ultimately working with top accounts like Puma, The New York Times, or Läderach.

What is the compensation package of an Account Based Sales Specialist at scandiweb?

  • Competitive starting salary relative to the market;
  • Valuable eCommerce experience at the industry leader scandiweb;
  • Substantial monetary bonuses based on successful lead conversion to client;
  • Exciting travel opportunities;
  • Support for hardware upgrades;
  • Core health insurance coverage and sports bonuses;
  • A diverse multinational team of experts to learn from;
  • Company-covered training and certification;
  • Legendary online and onsite events to celebrate our success together.

Next steps

  • Apply and fill in the application form;
  • Receive the test task and complete it.

Here is what people who joined the Account Based Management team want to share with you:

"I joined scandiweb by applying online. I had a job interview after which the position was confirmed the very next day. I remember my first project was carrying out mass outreach campaigns. After that, as I gained more experience throughout my career, the amount of responsibilities grew accordingly to the point where I have 2 roles simultaneously at the moment.

My most valuable learnings were understanding the technical aspects behind eCommerce, Magento, SEO, PPC, and Analytics (a must in this digital age) as well as leveraging the newest tech tools."

Radu Coman, Sales Development Specialist and Key Account Manager. Latvia. 11/28/2023

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