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Salary: $500-$1500 NET







For every person joining us for any entry-level position, there is a path and an opportunity to reach an executive role and become a company partner

Antons Sapriko, Company Founder


Video stories of colleagues who joined the Development team:

Alfreds Genkins, from a Junior Developer to Practice Lead, Product Owner, and CTO. Latvia: https://youtu.be/gNE2PXsRgQA?si=SjtAxBHKcO4DVRq4

Bruno Bakanovs, from a junior to a DevOps expert. Latvia: https://youtu.be/aOAXAN5V5v0?si=Q3SJW-sdaRjxGDnv

How to become a Junior DevOps Specialist at scandiweb eCommerce Expert Team?

We are a very inclusive company with colleagues from over 30 countries across all continents. Our ratio of female developers is among the highest in the industry. We welcome people from all walks of life who can complete a technical test, which includes a coding challenge.

Anyone who completes the test is invited to a technical interview. We are confident that if you can complete the test task and the technical interview, you have the necessary background for us to guide you further on the path to engineering expertise and enterprise-level delivery.

While basic knowledge of server administration is required, we value your ability to deliver results starting from the test task, and your enthusiasm and openness to embrace new knowledge and processes. Continuous learning and acting on feedback are among our core organizational values.

What are the responsibilities of a Junior DevOps Specialist?

Once you start your career at scandiweb, your first responsibility is to complete onboarding in the company, setting you up in all the processes and systems. This process is set forth in our Learning System and you will be supported by an HR member of our team.

Your next responsibility is to complete the Starter Training Course to ensure that you can join a commercial project with the necessary knowledge of the workflow and quality requirements.

Once you start your active work in the role of Junior DevOps Specialist, your responsibilities will include:

  • Regularly reviewing your active pipeline of tasks. Participating in Daily Standups. Estimating task durations accurately and improving estimation skills through retrospectives. Providing daily status updates on your work and reflecting your delivery in commit messages, task comments, and time logs to facilitate transparency and teamwork;
  • Communicating with clients via task comments to understand issues and proposing solutions, initially, with the help of senior colleagues;
  • Developing and maintaining build and deployment pipelines for a variety of projects, including applications in PHP (Magento, Pimcore, Symfony, WordPress), NodeJS (ScandiPWA, Hyva, React, Vue, various middlewares), and Python, using GitHub and Bitbucket pipelines, AWS CodeDeploy;
  • Building and maintaining infrastructures for these applications, primarily on AWS Cloud, as well as Google Cloud, Azure, and other hosting providers, like, Adobe Cloud and Nexcess. Working on infrastructures of varying complexity, from single servers to scalable AWS setups and Kubernetes clusters;
  • Installing, configuring, and updating necessary software to run deployed applications, including Nginx, Varnish, Redis, OpenSearch, TypeSense, RabbitMQ, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Kubernetes, and its components. Setting up and maintaining AWS services, including EC2, EFS, S3, EKS, SES, CloudTrail, ElastiCache, Load Balancers, and network infrastructure;
  • Working with databases such as AWS Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, DynamoDB, and MongoDB;
  • Monitoring infrastructure and applications using tools like NewRelic, Amazon CloudWatch, Pingdom, Prometheus, and Grafana.

Further career growth for Junior DevOps Specialist

You will get support in career counseling from our HR department as each career path is unique taking into account your personal strengths and ambitions.

A successful Junior DevOps Specialist usually moves to a full DevOps or SRE position within 2 years and expands their work scope to areas, such as incident and performance analysis, infrastructure optimization, and ensuring site security as well as exploring the use of most up-to-date tools and technologies to ensure optimum issues resolution efficiency.

What will help you to advance in your career starting as Junior DevOps Specialist?

  • Understanding your success KPIs that we will share with you and setting the goals to improve them;
  • Ability to speak up and proactively ask questions about your work, seeking clarification for your tasks, support, and guidance from your senior colleagues;
  • Ability to integrate the use of various performance optimization tools in your learning and delivery;
  • Following the continuous learning process passing suggested courses internally and obtaining valuable external credentials such as globally recognized certifications that the company will arrange for you;
  • Participating in company-organized events to foster collaboration both online and offline.

What is the compensation package of a Junior DevOps Specialist at scandiweb?

  • Competitive starting salary relative to the market;
  • Salary revisions and upgrades that happen twice a year;
  • Growth path to become an Engineer, Senior Engineer, Team Lead, and Partner;
  • Support for hardware upgrades;
  • Core health insurance coverage and sports bonuses;
  • A diverse multinational team of experts to learn from;
  • Best tools for collaboration, coding, quality assurance, and communication;
  • Company-covered training and certification;
  • Legendary online and onsite events to celebrate our success together.

Next steps

  • Apply and fill in the application form;
  • Receive the test task and complete it.

Here is what people who joined as Junior DevOps want to share with you:

“scandiweb offers ample opportunities of growth and a wide range of projects to work on. We are working with industry-standard stacks across projects (primarily AWS and Kubernetes), and are committed to continuous improvement. Our projects span the full cycle, from design to maintenance, allowing us to delve deeply into system internals. While it is a lot to learn and keep in mind, supportive colleagues are always available to help when needed.”

Bruno Bakanovs, DevOps specialist from Latvia. Joined the company 8/19/2018

“I joined scandiweb as a Web Developer with previous experience of 1 month. I had an opportunity to see in person the project development happening for small and unknown, huge and world-famous brands. I had a chance to learn and use solutions like Magento 2, Pimcore, as well as, work in custom projects based on things like express js, where all the functionality was developed by our team.

Based on my requests to HR, the company even gave me opportunities to work in DevOps/SRE teams to get experience with infrastructure work, like AWS, terraform, Kubernetes, Cloudflare, and CI/CD. Here I was able to work on all parts of web projects - frontend, backend, infrastructure.”

Mihail Borovkov, Senior developer/ DevOps specialist from Latvia. Joined the company 7/9/2020

“I joined scandiweb 3 years ago - when uncertainty was the rule. The Covid epidemic was at its highest, and joining scandiweb turned out to be the perfect choice. E-commerce thrived when everybody was locked at home.

Within a short period, I was exposed to a wide range of projects, tools, and technologies that were different from my past work experience. With the help of many members of the team, I was able to get up to speed in a short amount of time.

scandiweb is a perfect choice for both novice and experienced practitioners. This is the place where many of the industry's latest technologies and concepts are demystified in an atmosphere of growth and learning.”

Wafic El-Abed, DevOps specialist from Lebanon. Joined the company 1/6/2021

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