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Warehouse personnel - Kumanovo


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  • Адреса: Скопје


In accordance with the rapid growth of the company as well as the current needs, processes and activities, we are announcing a job vacancy:

Warehouse personnel
Location: Kumanovo


  • Carry out the sale process in full accordance with the written instructions under the policy of the Company, to report on violations of the rules to the respective managers.
  • To maintain all legal documents in order and in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  • In the case the storekeeper is responsible for the store opening and closing, he/she should perform This duty correctly and in a timely manner.
  • To ensure efficient work of the storekeeper and the store, the storekeeper shall provide availability of The necessary tools and materials. In case of lack, defects, etc. Of the working tools and materials, the Storekeeper shall inform the relevant responsible officers in order to correct such deficiencies that İmpede the operation. If necessary, the storekeeper should complete the relevant reports and Applications.
  • Monitor arrangement of labels, price lists, and other documents. Before opening the store the Storekeeper should check that all price tags on goods are present and read the correct prices of the Goods; the storekeeper should determine shortcomings and inconsistencies of price tags and other Documents, and take action to correct these shortcomings and inconsistencies.
  • Notify the managers of shortcomings in customer service and the measures to be taken to address These shortcomings, as well as perform the managers’ orders to address these shortcomings.
  • The storekeeper who has no working experience in the company’s stores (brand «defacto»), should Carry out its tasks in accordance with the instructions of the work instructor appointed by the manager.
  • Carry out oral and written instructions of any kind, procedures and internal regulations of the company, As well as the managers’ instructions.
  • Work in accordance with a set day schedule and monitor day store schedules on a daily base.
  • Perform the managers’ orders and instructions timely and in full.
  • Inform the store managers in case of violation of the rules of financial and work discipline.
  • Observe the work schedule and the internal regulations adopted in the company. Observe norms and Rules of discipline and production discipline, safety and health protection, labour safety, legal Requirements and fire safety regulations, established in the company. If the storekeeper becomes Aware of a violation of rules and regulations referred to in this paragraph, he/she must inform the Managers.
  • Participate in periodic meetings and training programs for employees held by the company.
  • Be present in the store throughout the working day. Not to leave the store without notifying the Manager.
  • Wear clothes as described in the guidelines adopted in the company. Ensure that his/her appearance Meets norms and standards adopted in the company.
  • Act in accordance with the aesthetic and ethical rules adopted in the company.
  • In the process of rotation in the store, carry out the managers’ instructions properly and on completion Of training, report to the manager of any deficiencies in the event of their occurrence, and monitor removal of deficiencies.
  • Read carefully and learn the instructions and standards related to the workplace and thoroughly Observe these regulations and standards in routine operation. Learn changes in procedures and Standards made by the manager.
  • Observe requirements of technological regulations and standards in the provision of services, Requirements of the production process, services provision technology, as well as those related to Maintenance of cleanliness and order in the store and in the company as a whole, and immediately at The workplace. Servicing the customers:
  • Greet the customers with a smile, provide to customers assistance in selection of necessary goods, if Necessary, help customers combine goods, and upon selection to accompany the customer to the cash Register.
  • Do the best to meet the needs of the store visitors. Search on stock the necessary articles and/or size Of clothes upon the customer’s request.
  • Assist the customer in filling in the questionnaire, if the customer asks to do it. Encourage the Customers to fill in the questionnaire and watch it is correctly filled in. In due time and in the prescribed Form, report the appropriate department or officer of the information contained in the questionnaires, Filled in by customers.
  • Advise customers on location and availability of goods in the retail space, manufacturer, composition, Properties, quality, methods of care, relevance to fashion, and price.
  • Explain rules of servicing under warranty, buyer (consumer) rights protection, goods exchange


  • 0 -2  years warehouse experience.
  • Good and clear communication skills.
  • Adaptable and inclined to teamwork.
  • Strong problem solving skills.

We offer:

  • Opportunity for professional development and advancement
  • Additional training and coaching.



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