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Junior Project Manager for eCommerce projects


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Salary: $300-$700 NET







For every person joining us for any entry-level position, there is a path and an opportunity to reach an executive role and become a company partner

Antons Sapriko, Company Founder


Use the link and watch the video stories of colleagues who joined as Junior Project Manager:

Rolands Popovos, from a Junior PM, to a Delivery Manager and COO. Latvia.

Iryna Rubanava, from a Junior QA, to a PM, and a Delivery Manager. Latvia.

Viktoriia Ozhozhenko, from a Junior PM to a Senior PM today. Portugal.

Yulia Malikava, from a Junior PM, to a senior PM, and a Delivery Manager. Poland.

How to become a Junior Project Manager at scandiweb eCommerce expert team?

We are a very inclusive company with colleagues across 30+ countries on all continents with the female developer ratio being among the highest in the industry. We welcome people from different paths of life, who can complete a technical test, which consists of a project challenge.

The test does not check any particular Project Management knowledge or understanding of a technology we work with. Instead, it aims to test common sense and understanding of cause-effect relationships, attention to detail, and the ability to give clear instructions in written and visual form. We also test your capability to learn during the test as we will share educational materials for some of the tasks.

Everybody who completes the Entry Level test and successfully passes the Practical Trial day task, is invited to an interview with a 90% chance to be employed. We are confident that if you can complete the test task and technical interview, you have the necessary background to let us guide you further on the path to engineering expertise and enterprise-level delivery.

Your previous experience and education do not matter; what matters is your ability to deliver results starting from the test task, and your enthusiasm and openness to embrace new knowledge and processes. You can even fail the test and redo it; we will provide you with feedback and will appreciate your ability to act on it to improve and pass. Continuous learning and acting on feedback are among our core organizational values.

What are the responsibilities of a Junior Project Manager?

Once you start your career at scandiweb, your first responsibility is to complete onboarding in the company, setting you up in all the processes and systems. This process is outlined in our Learning System and you will be supported by an HR member of our team.

Your next responsibility is to complete the Starter Training Course to ensure that you can join a commercial project with a minimum necessary knowledge of the workflow and quality requirements.

Once you start your active work in the role of Junior Project Manager, your responsibilities are:

  • Converting high-level user stories into smaller tasks, making sure the task aligns with the capabilities of the platform requiring configuration, styling, extension, or custom coding to achieve the necessary result;
  • Scheduling and facilitating set team processes such as daily standup, sprint planning, and demos;
  • Maintaining a friendly ambiance within your team, engaging our Events Team to arrange ice-breaking or celebratory events for your team;
  • Notifying the Senior Project Manager assigned to you or the Delivery Manager of any blockers, concerns, or issues beyond your resolution ability;
  • Keeping project roadmap and timeline updated, understanding project scope, and escalating once you see that there is a scope creep risk from design changes, functionality changes, or third-party dependency changes;
  • Being able to provide feedback on your team's competence, ability to communicate, and deliver results on time;
  • Assessing project scope versus resources available and requesting the Resourcing team to onboard extra or offboard some team members;
  • Maintaining active communication with customers and third-party teams to resolve any pending questions with them or escalate such to your more senior colleagues;
  • Collaborating with internal competency centers to improve delivery results and ensure the use of best practices;
  • Upgrading existing competencies by taking part in the relevant certification processes organized by the company;
  • Deepening your knowledge of libraries, frameworks, and platforms that are necessary for a successful delivery for customers;
  • Integrating internal and external AI tools and Co-pilots to improve the speed and quality of your Project Management work.

Remember, at scandiweb, you will be given the necessary and sufficient training to understand the capabilities of the tools and platforms we are using. This knowledge is a key success factor in describing, detailing, and delegating work to your team.

At scandiweb, a Project Manager is not merely an administrative role putting together charts, timelines, and facilitating processes, but instead is a driving force for the project delivery coming from understanding platform capabilities and customer needs on a business level. There is a component of a small-scale Solution Architect in our Project Management role. This will help you to advance further in your career and not face the usual Project Management glass ceiling.

Further career growth for Junior Project Manager

You will get support in career counseling from our HR department as each career path is unique taking into account your personal strengths and ambitions.

A successful Junior Project Manager becomes an independent Project Manager within a year mastering the technology, communication, and business context of their work while

Project managers typically advance to a Senior Project Manager role within the next 1-2 years by gaining the ability to oversee multiple projects and their teams, to lead the work of Junior Project managers while understanding and addressing core concerns of customers and ensuring delivery in cooperation with Delivery Managers and other internal parties.

The role culminates in a Delivery Manager and Partner position in another 2-5 years, where you take strategic ownership over the delivery of multiple projects in your portfolio by guiding responsible Project Managers and teams ensuring good project vitals, focusing on expanding cooperation, and building relations with existing and new clients.

What will help you to advance in your career starting as a Junior Project Manager?

  • Deepening your knowledge of libraries, frameworks, and platforms that are necessary for a successful delivery for customers;
  • Initially, you will focus on one specific technology or platform among the ones we use and later you will have an opportunity to expand your knowledge with other ones. The libraries we work with are React, JavaScript, Alpine, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, ScandiPWA, Adobe Commerce, Magento, Pimcore, Sanity, and Shopify Plus;
  • Understanding your success KPIs which we will share with you and setting the goals to improve them;
  • Learning and implementation of project planning and resource management;
  • Knowledge of Scrum, Agile, and other project management methodologies and terminology;
  • Ability to speak up and proactively ask questions about your work, seek clarification for your tasks, and support and guidance from your senior colleagues;
  • Ability to integrate the use of various performance optimization tools in your learning and delivery;
  • Following the continuous learning process passing suggested courses internally and obtaining valuable external credentials such as globally recognized certifications that the company will arrange for you;
  • Participating in the company-organized events to foster collaboration both online and offline.

What is the compensation package of a Junior Project Manager at scandiweb?

  • Competitive starting salary relative to the market;
  • Salary revisions and upgrades that happen twice a year;
  • Growth path to becoming a Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Delivery Manager, and Partner;
  • Support for hardware upgrades;
  • Core health insurance coverage and sports bonuses;
  • A diverse multinational team of experts to learn from;
  • Best tools for collaboration, coding, quality assurance, and communication;
  • Company-covered training and certification;
  • Legendary online and onsite events to celebrate our success together.

Next steps

  • Apply and fill in the application form
  • Receive the test task and complete it.

Here is what people who joined as Junior Project Managers want to share with you:

“From my time at scandiweb I have learned that there is nothing you cannot handle - no matter how complicated things can seem at the moment, there will always be a solution.”

Svitlana Madei, Project Manager from Ukraine. Joined the company on 6/5/2022

“I joined as a Junior Project Manager and just started my EDU courses. In a few weeks, I got my first project, and in four months - I became the main Project Manager for a project with a multi-billion dollar company. Then I grew to senior level.

I like to learn new things, and scandiweb is a great provider of such opportunities. Now, my biggest challenge is to be a great AI Lead - building cool tools internally and helping our clients to stay on top of the game.”

Valters Cakss, Project Manager from Latvia. Joined the company on 22/7/2020

“Working in scandiweb has taught me that being enthusiastic about work and that taking challenges pays off. A great experience for me has been the possibility to get a quick rise if you put in the work. I also love conversing with coworkers and motivating them, helping them get going to become a field expert. ”

Aleksander Traks, Project Manager from Estonia. Joined the company on 15/11/2021

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